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#ifndef SG_CMDS_H
#define SG_CMDS_H

 * This header did contain wrapper declarations for many SCSI commands
 * up until sg3_utils version 1.22 . In that version, the command
 * wrappers were broken into two groups, the 'basic' ones found in the
 * "sg_cmds_basic.h" header and the 'extra' ones found in the
 * "sg_cmds_extra.h" header. This header now simply includes those two
 * headers.
 * In sg3_utils version 1.26 the sg_cmds_mmc.h header was added and
 * contains some MMC specific commands.
 * The corresponding function definitions are found in the sg_cmds_basic.c,
 * sg_cmds_extra.c and sg_cmds_mmc.c files.

#include "sg_cmds_basic.h"
#include "sg_cmds_extra.h"
#include "sg_cmds_mmc.h"


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